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Posted: November 17, 2009 in arcade, games room, rambling

Apparently. I lied. After leaving my cab wrapped up several times under several tarpaulins it turns out the machine does fit in the conservatory door! Which is handy as I’m currently converting that room to be my games room! Hopefully in time for the world cup!
I have a pool table & foosball table in situ already & will post pics soon. Probably.
Anyway, it’s not like anyone’s reading this so ner.


Long time no post

Posted: April 24, 2009 in rambling

Due to a hectic schedule (stupid shifts house move etc) I haven’t posted anything for a while. And I’ve got awful, awful news. When choosing a house, please make sure you check your cabs will go through the doors! Yes I have a garge but it has been partitioned. It won’t fit through the main door as it is up & over so too low & it won’t go in the side door as it is too narrow. & it won’t fit through any of the house doors. It’s a rather large soul edge cab. So it’s currently residing in a hastily constructed shed, shrink wrapped & covered with a tarp 😦


Posted: November 9, 2008 in arcade, MAME, rambling

Unfortunatly I’ve been a bit side tracked from the mame prject due to the release of Farcry 2 & FIFA 09 on the ps3! & it gets worse! The next few days see the release of Call Of Duty 5 & Mirrors Edge. So today I set about disassembling the control panel on my Soul Edge machine with the intention of added 2 more buttons for each player. I took some pics, but can’t be bothered to switch on my desktop which has the card reader, so I’ll do it later πŸ˜‰


Posted: October 10, 2008 in arcade, MAME, rambling

,Decided to create this blog to document my atempts at creating a mame /jamma cabinet(s).
I plan to have four. One horizontal six button machine for more modern games, street fighter, mk etc. One vertical for the classics, space invaders etc. One twin sitdown racer & one gun cabinet. If I manage to finish one I’ll be impressed with myself πŸ™‚ .
Stay tuned for some serious electricution, exploding arcade monitors & shoddy woodwork action!!