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A215 begins

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Open University

Received my books for my first level 2 course with the Open University. It’s A215 creative writing which will hopefully get me 60 points closer to my English Literature Degree. 2 books & 4 CDs is all I received for this module, in stark contrast to the plethora of goodies I was sent for the AA100 course (for which I was awarded a distinction, in case I hadn’t mentioned it before). I had a quick flick through the materials & am very impressed so far. Looks like I’ll have to spend much more time on this than I did on AA100 though. Good luck to me!

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After a looong wait for the results of my AA100 course with the Open University I received them just the other day. Result? A big fat distinction! Well chuffed, but hope it will continue into level 2!