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Switch to WordPress

Posted: October 1, 2010 in arcade, Uncategorized

Decided to blog via wordpress after trying blogger. I’ll be making changes as and when I get time. The import function worked a treat though.


Would you like my cab?

Posted: September 20, 2010 in arcade

Getting rid of the soul edge cab for reasons I’ll go into later. So if you’d like a cab with no loom or controls but with a nice 28″ Hantarex monitor let me know. It’s free!

– BlogPress post.

All systems go!

Posted: May 5, 2010 in arcade

Finally decided to get my arse in gear & do something about the machine at last! Had a couple of modded xbox’s laying about so decided to use one of these. I have a soft modded box & a ‘chipped’ box. I’ve decided to go with the chipped box as it’s way easier to swap out the hard drive & I’ll definitely be needing a bigger one. Gone with a 40GB drive for now, we’ll see if I can fill it with lots of juicy roms.
For the record, here’s my Soul Edge Jamma Cabinet. Only it’s not a soul edge cabinet anymore, as I’ve removed the PCB & hacked about on the jamma loom. But let’s face it, take off those rose tinted spectacles & Soul Edge sucks donkey balls.

I’m pretty good at wiring new mains plugs onto kettles etc, but that’s as far as it goes, so I figured the easiest way to go about hooking the arcade monitor up to the xbox would be via a pre-made PCB. I checked out the church of all things Jamma to console at
They had exactly what I needed, but I am a (financially) poor man & the postage from the US (I’m assuming they’re based in the US) to the UK pushed it just out of my price range. My price range was pretty much £0-£0.50 though so no surprise there.
I turned to ebay & flogged a couple of PS3 games to gather some coinage & was surprised to find a UK seller touting ‘XBOX to Jamma arcade timer PCB’s’. For £30 I thought it worth a crack & waved goodbye to Modern Warfare 2 & hello to a plain boxed delivered XBOX to Jamma Timer. With no instructions. Oh well, it’s much more fun this way, let’s dive in………


Posted: November 17, 2009 in arcade, games room, rambling

Apparently. I lied. After leaving my cab wrapped up several times under several tarpaulins it turns out the machine does fit in the conservatory door! Which is handy as I’m currently converting that room to be my games room! Hopefully in time for the world cup!
I have a pool table & foosball table in situ already & will post pics soon. Probably.
Anyway, it’s not like anyone’s reading this so ner.


Posted: November 9, 2008 in arcade, MAME, rambling

Unfortunatly I’ve been a bit side tracked from the mame prject due to the release of Farcry 2 & FIFA 09 on the ps3! & it gets worse! The next few days see the release of Call Of Duty 5 & Mirrors Edge. So today I set about disassembling the control panel on my Soul Edge machine with the intention of added 2 more buttons for each player. I took some pics, but can’t be bothered to switch on my desktop which has the card reader, so I’ll do it later 😉


Posted: October 10, 2008 in arcade, MAME, rambling

,Decided to create this blog to document my atempts at creating a mame /jamma cabinet(s).
I plan to have four. One horizontal six button machine for more modern games, street fighter, mk etc. One vertical for the classics, space invaders etc. One twin sitdown racer & one gun cabinet. If I manage to finish one I’ll be impressed with myself 🙂 .
Stay tuned for some serious electricution, exploding arcade monitors & shoddy woodwork action!!